Born in Port Au Prince Haiti, the first of 10 children and no stranger to a full house.  He grew up in the tough areas of Port Au Prince, such as Site Soley, La Plaine, Carrefour Faille, Carrefour, and now resides in Delmas, another area of Port Au Prince, Haiti. 

At the age of 15 he was introduced to the Hip Hop Creole Genre of music through one of his friends, who has since passed away, but left a lasting impression in his young mind and caused a revolution in his heart.

By the time Toppy X graduated high school and finished his computer engineering degree, his father had big dreams for him to become a medical doctor, but Toppy’s dreams existed to bring a style of music to a culture who had not yet embraced hip hop on a whole, let alone its Creole counterpart.

​His passion for music developed after realizing his ability to hold a note at the age of 14.  He believed in himself even when everyone around him discouraged his efforts.

He would hide from his father to go perform because his obsession for music existed passed what the rules of his father’s house would permit.  After his father discovered he was secretly performing his art, he was put out of his home at the age of 18, all for the love of Hip Hop Creole.